LFNS: Its all down hill from here

12:00am, Friday 10th June 2011

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Hampstead
Length: 12.5 miles.
Lead marshal: Edd
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Rained Off

We’re off in search of as many down hills as we can find this Friday. There is a down, well up side to this, that’s the first half where we climb up to Hampstead to find the best way to start going down hill. After the first slower half it’s straight down through Hampstead, back of Chalk Farm fro a lovely down hill, then it’s back towards Euston for another. Whilst we cruise our way into central London we’ll find space for another couple of little hills down New Cavendish Street and Haymarket before the final one down Piccadilly back to Hyde Park Corner. Don’t forget to pack your brakes for this one.

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