Le Mans 2011 – Congratulations All Round!

June 29, 2011

Le Mans results are IN and they are outstanding! All up there were 85 UK skaters in the teams at this year’s Le Mans, accompanied by some 15 or 20 pit crew. As ever it was an amazing, hot and very, very sunny outing in the North of France, with some fantastic achievements. Of the teams we mentioned here last week, the post-race standings were as follows:

Pos Team                  Category    Cat.Pos.
16  Londonskaters Enduro  Enduro        3
37  Londonskaters Fast    General      15
68  Lsst Duo II           Duo           2
75  London Misfits        General      33
109 Londonskaters Chilled General      50
146 Team Double Sk-Unt    Duo           4
228 Nottingham            General     127
234 The Dregs             Enduro       37
292 London Wheelers       General     165
304 Skatefresh            General     172
327 Endoronce             General     185
545 Ben all the Wai       Solo         25
568 Rick Jay all Day      Solo         36

So to summarize that, the LSST Enduro team made third place in category, while the two duo teams placed second and fourth in category respectively.

The Enduro podium: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chuci/5882032119/in/set-72157626946964921/

The Duo podium: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chuci/5882599090/in/set-72157626946964921/

With thanks to Chuchi (Steph) for the pics. Well done everyone and roll on Le Mans 2012!

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