Le Mans 24 Heurs Rollers – 4 weeks and counting!

June 1, 2010

It’s just four weeks until the 2010 installment of the Le Mans 24 Heurs Rollers race at the famous Bugatti Circuit just outside Le Mans, in France. If you’re not familiar it’s a 24 hour race, for teams of ten, five, two – or if particularly hardcore (i.e. mad) – teams of one (*gulp*). Skaters will race in relay fashion for 24 hours from 4pm Saturday June 26 to 4pm Sunday June 27. It’s a unique event in the world of skating, attracting some 5000 skaters of all skill levels. If you’re not already on a team for this year it might be too late, but you never know – ask around if keen – and there’s always next year to keep in mind!

This year the UK is fielding at least nine teams, those being: LondonSkate Marshals, LondonSkate Pandas, W&D – Dealers, LM Wheelers, LondonSkaters Open, LondonSkaters Ladies (all teams of 10); Dregs (endurance), LondonSkaters Enduro (teams of 5) and LSST London Solo – a team of one – George Puttner. All up that’s about 70 skaters from London and the UK heading over to represent, kick butts and hopefully have a lot of fun.

LFNS wishes all the London teams the best possible preparation and experience for this years 24 Heurs Rollers!


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