Le Mans 24 Hour Race This Weekend!

June 21, 2011

Saturday 25th June is one of the most anticipated days in the skating calendar – it’s the start of the annual 24 Heure du Mans Rollers race!

Every year some 5000 skaters composing some 500 teams from all over the world pit themselves against time, distance, heat and THAT HILL to try and complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours at the Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans. The race is a skate relay, with team members passing a baton from one to the next continuously for 24 hours. The winning team is the one that completes the greatest number of laps in the time available.

There are four categories of team:

  • Prestige category, for 10 person teams
  • Enduro for five persons
  • Duo for two persons, and perhaps incredibly:
  • Solo – for individuals.

The Le Mans race is iconic and monumental. It is well attended by UK based teams every year and this year is no exception. In 2011 there are 13 teams from the UK that we know of. Do you know of any more? Write and let us know!

In the Prestige category for 10-person teams there are:

  • Team Nottingham – The Nottingham Skaters led by James & Jason.
  • Skatefresh – The Skatefresh instructors team led by Asha and Matty of Skatefresh.
  • London Misfits – A team of LFNS and LondonSkate marshals captained by LFNS marshal Van Dieu.
  • Londonskaters Fast – The fast LondonSkaters Speed Team, led by LFNS marshal & LSST exec Ed Gwiazda.
  • Londonskaters Chilled – A chilled entry from the LondonSkaters Speed Team, captained by LSST exec Pamela Cranston.
  • London Wheelers – A chilled out team led by LFNS & London Skate marshal Mital Patel.
  • en-Doron-ce – The Latecomers Le Mans team, lead by the inimitable and implacable Doron!

In the Enduro category (5-person) are:

  • LondonSkaters Enduro – The LondonSkaters Speed Team fast Enduro entry. Watch these guys, they’re scorchingly fast and last year they scored a podium by taking third place in category. Led by Garan Jenkin, this year their sights are set higher.
  • The Dreggs – A fixture of many past Le Mans, the Dreggs are lead by team captain and LFNS lead marshal Markus T.

In the Duo category there are two teams consisting of past or present marshals & lead marshals of the LFNS and LondonSkate:

  • Lsst Duo II – George Puttner and Richard Holgate
  • Team Double Sk-Unt – Markus (Sparky) Raven and Steve (Quaddie) Schmitt

And finally this year there are two soloists, both of whom will also be well known to regular attendees of the LFNS & LondonSkate. It’s the Soloists who have it toughest at Le Mans and they’re the ones who could most do with your good wishes and support. Hats off to these guys, who many of our readers will know:

  • Ben all the Wai – Ben Wai: frequently seen in the role of LFNS & Sunday Stroll rear marshal, occasionally lead marshal. Ben is often one of the first people new skaters on the LFNS and Sunday Stroll get to know.
  • Rick Jay All Day – Rick Johnson: Accomplished long distance skater and frequent marshal and lead marshal of the Wednesday and Friday night skates.

We wish all Le Mans competitors good luck in the upcoming race. Stay upright, stay hydrated and give THAT HILL a thrashing on every lap guys. We look forward to hearing the tales of your legendary exploits!


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