LFNS Route Maps On Android

April 16, 2012

The LFNS website has recently been updated to better support viewing of LFNS route maps on Android devices. Please help us try out this functionality.

To view LFNS route maps on Android you can now use the built-in Google Maps application. No special LFNS application is required. To download one of our routes into Google Maps first use the Android Web Browser to navigate to our website at https://www.lfns.co.uk and tap through to one of our more recent route information pages. If you’re using Android our website now detects it and displays an Android formatted map link below the route description. Android users no longer see the route map displayed on the web page, which also means the page loads up a bit quicker.

To see an example, use your Android device to check out our most recent Sunday Stroll post.

When you tap on the map link your Android browser should ask if you want to view the content in Google Maps. Answer yes and allow Google Maps to download the route information and display it. Once this is done you can use Google Maps for viewing the route and, if your device supports GPS location, you can navigate to it and along it.

Please give this a try and let us know what works and what doesn’t. We already know there is sometimes a warning about using an out of date Google Maps API Key, we’re working on that one.

When trying things like this out remember that we’re all volunteers here at LFNS and our primary focus is skating. If this works for you then it’s totally brilliant. If it doesn’t – well unfortunately software support happens when and if people can spare the time for it, so please be patient and keep a sense of perspective. Give us useful, constructive feedback and we’ll see what we can do. If you can help with software development and want to contribute, also get in touch.

If you’re an iPhone user please don’t feel left out. One of our skaters kindly donated his time and effort late last year to write an iPhone App for LFNS, which was previously announced. Please try it out, but remember this too has been contributed by a volunteer out of pure good will, so be patient and constructive in your feedback.

The most important thing is that you can still come skating every Friday and Sunday with or without mobile maps, but we hope it works and look forward to skating with you soon. Happy navigating.

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    • Thanks for getting in touch. As we said above, the LFNS is run by volunteers in their spare time, so it might take us some time to figure out a fix. But if anyone knows of a suitable link that does work, please let us know. Once we have the correct info we can update our site very quickly 🙂

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