LondonSkate Facebook presence is moving!

May 9, 2011

LondonSkate, the Wednesday night skate, has established a new Facebook fan page and will soon be moving its Facebook presence there. If you’re a member of the existing LondonSkate group and want to keep in touch with LondonSkate via Facebook please “like” the LondonSkate Facebook fan page and start looking there instead of at the LondonSkate group for your LondonSkate info.

The new fan page is here:

This is happening because Facebook is changing the way groups work, as described here: Facebook’s advice to large groups like LondonSkate is to start using a Facebook fan page instead. The LondonSkate group will continue in parallel with the new fan page for a few more weeks, but group members are kindly asked to switch to the new page at their earliest convenience.

LondonSkate departs every Wednesday at 8pm from the Bandstand on Serpentine Road, Hyde Park from April to September.

Roll on Wednesdays!

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