LondonSkate Season Opener April 18th!!

April 9, 2012

Suffering from Easter withdrawal yet? Well we have good news, the next great skating occasion of 2012 happens in less than two weeks: On April 18th The LondonSkate is BACK!!

LondonSkate is the sister skate to the London Friday Night Skate and Sunday Stroll. It runs every Wednesday night at 8pm from April to September. Historically LondonSkate has always been organized separately from LFNS, although there is a massive overlap of both volunteer organizers and participants. Consequently LondonSkate has its own website,, which we encourage you to bookmark; and its own Facebook page,, which we encourage you to ‘like’ if you want to stay informed of all things LondonSkate.

LondonSkate also operates a slightly different weather call system. LFNS use “Go” or “Rained Off” as weather calls, but LondonSkate uses a “Red”, “Amber”, “Green” system, where “Red” and “Green” are the equivalent of “Rained Off” and “Go”, but “Amber” means “Decide when we get there”. An “Amber” call means turn up if you feel like chancing the weather, if it’s dry at 8pm we’ll skate (and if not, we’ll go to the pub ;-))

It’ll be great to have the band back together once more, so to speak, with all three of London’s weekly street skates back in full swing. Get ready to roll, for the ruckass is coming, LondonSkate season 2012 is almost here!!

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