New Years Resolution: Skate More?

January 5, 2012

Got a new years resolution yet? Skate more?

By now you know about our humble offerings, the London Friday Night Skate and the Sunday Stroll. You’ve probably also heard of our sister skate, the Wednesday night LondonSkate (which starts in April). But while all three are awesome they may for whatever reason not suit you. Too hard, or too easy? Too central or the wrong night of the week? Don’t despair, we’re here to let you know there are Other Skating Options(tm).

Sunday Stroll too fast for you? How about the Easy Saturday Skate. A very social 2 laps of Battersea Park on Saturday morning for beginners and improvers, with a coffee or ice cream stop. There’s a website for it and a Facebook group too

LFNS too slow for you? Try the LondonSkaters Speed Team. They train several times a week, usually Saturday and Sunday mornings, Thursday evenings in the winter and Tuesday evenings in the summer. Members often also arrange ad-hoc sessions to suit themselves (both on skates and on bicycle). They’ve got a website and a forum where you can ask questions It’s free to attend your first few training sessions and decide if you like it.

Want something more intense and interactive? Roller Hockey. Deejay Romeo Robinson writes to inform us the South London Lions roller hockey team are recruiting, check them out on Facebook, here

For a more casual game of hockey you can also keep an eye on this Facebook group, they organize ad hoc games in Hyde Park on Saturdays

Feeling a bit depressed? You need suicide – street skating with all the safeties switched off. It’s not for the faint hearted or the unfit, but if you can penetrate the layers of in-joke and hyperbolic comment then this Facebook group is worth a look Although it might seem daunting, it’s essentially what our marshals do when marshaling the skate, so it can’t be *that* difficult. But you didn’t hear about it from us.

And finally, of course, you could always become an LFNS marshal. Indeed, we’ve been rather short on female lead marshals for a year or two now, so come on girls keep your end up. Ask about it at our next skate.

Our next skate which is Friday, by the way. Happy New Year!

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