LFNS: Parade Lap!

8:00pm, Friday 6th July 2012

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Wandsworth Pier
Length: 11 miles.
Lead marshal: RichardH
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: GO!

If you’ve been living under a rock you might not be aware that last weekend was the annual 24 hours of Le Mans skating race, or as we like to affectionately refer to it, the annual “Lemons” race. As has become tradition more than 80 skaters from London and Nottingham headed over to compete and congratulations are in order, with two British teams achieving podium places, several others recording quite high results and several more achieving … one heck of a fun weekend terrorising the locals.

So then it’s time for the Parade Lap, the wind down after the race. Join this week us as we take a leisurely roll around Fulham and Wandsworth, with a restful halftime by the Thames, a pleasantly long and (we hope) dry summer evening, and nary a Dunlop Hill in sight. Whoop!


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