LFNS: Parade Lap!

12:00am, Friday 1st July 2011

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Wandsworth Riverside
Length: 12 miles.
Lead marshal: RichardH
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Completed
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The Parade Lap. It’s what you do before or after a big race. It’s what you do to honor a lost friend. This week, LFNS is both these things.

As mentioned in our related post, this week we plan to honour the life and passing of Dave Peck, all round gentleman and LFNS music bike rider, by donning headwear of all descriptions – but particularly bandannas.

And last weekend of course was the annual Le Mans 24 Hour Rollers race in France. Given how gruelling Le Mans can be it’s not surprising most people aren’t in the mood for a parade lap right after it finishes. This year indeed most were more interested in a lap of the pool after skating through the 33 degree heat of Sunday afternoon.

This week therefore LFNS is also the Le Mans parade lap and will be lead by Richard and George, “LSST Duo II” team members who together skated 152 laps, 400 miles or 640km and managed to score second place in the Duo category (yes, someone else went even further than that). They’ll be backed up by “Team Double Sk-unt”, aka Sparky and Quaddie, who took out 4th position in the same category with 141 laps, 368 miles or 590km.

We just hope they’re all still feeling tired …


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