Sunday Stroll: Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf!

2:00pm, 21st May 2017

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Stockwell (Tube Station)
Length: 8 miles.
Lead marshal: Hypa
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: Completed

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Smooth Rollin’ Daaan’ Saaaf! – Southbound to Stockwell.

Alright me old mucka. On the cobbles all the way saaaf of the river.  Did I say cobbles? What cobbles? Must be havin’ a giraffe!

It’s all smooth rollin ‘ere mate. As smooth as a errrrrmmmm…. I don’t know, just smooth as can be, alright!!

Grab your skates, slap a smile on ya face and let’s take to the streets of London to have some fun. Nuff said yeah!