SANTA SKATE 2010 – DEC 18!

November 8, 2010

LondonSantaSkate, the most anticipated and impressive skate of the year. Hundreds of skaters dressed alike in Santa suits thundering through London to thumping tunes and a storm of camera flashes. It’s really rather hard to beat.

Please, get yourself a LondonSantaSkate ticket for £10 and help support the skates for the entire year.

The Wednesday LondonSkate, LFNS and Sunday Stroll are run by volunteers completely free and purely for the joy of skating. All skates are free to all participants, but once annually and once only we kindly ask for donations in support of just one skate: LondonSantaSkate.

It works like this: For £10 you buy a LondonSantaSkate ticket from a volunteer seller on the Sunday Stroll or LFNS. Although we say “buy”, we actually mean “donate”. Your LondonSantaSkate ticket is redeemable for a Santa suit on the day of the skate. Of the £10 you donate in return for your ticket around £3 covers the cost of your Santa suit and the rest goes towards the supporting the skates. It pays for music systems, radios, web servers, marshal vests and so on.

Volunteers are already out and about on the Sunday Stroll and LFNS to accept donations and distribute SantaSkate tickets – look for the guys in the Santa hats. And for the first time this year tickets are also available online via

All the skates run by LondonSkate and LFNS are entirely free, but it really helps if you buy a LondonSantaSkate ticket just this once per year. In many ways it exemplifies the prudent efforts of those involved that donations from just one skate a year stretch so far. Please donate and we promise we’ll love you even more than we already do!

So keep the dates: Tickets available on most LFNS and Sunday Stroll skates between now and December 18th. Also available online.

SANTA SKATE, Saturday 18 December 2010. Assemble at 4:30pm for departure at 5pm. The skate starts at the Wellington Arch, the usual LFNS start point. It finishes at the Victoria Arms pub near Lancaster Gate.

SANTA SUIT DISTRIBUTION takes place at the Victoria Arms pub, 10a Strathearn Place Bayswater London, W2 2NH, on Saturday 18th December from 2pm-4pm.

The SANTA SKATE PARTY will take place on the evening of Saturday 18th December at the Smithfield Tavern, 105 Charterhouse Street, City of London EC1M 6HW. The party starts around 7.30pm.

If the weather is bad on Saturday then the skate will move to Sunday 19th December. In that case assemble at 1.30pm for departure at 2pm. Regardless of weather Santa Suit distribution and the LondonSantaSkate party will still be on Saturday the 18th as described above.

Get your ticket, support the skates and get your Santa on. LondonSantaSkate comes but once a year, so let’s cap off 2010 with a skating celebration to remember!

Online tickets:

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