10 Sleeps Till LondonSantaSkate 2011!!

December 7, 2011

Tis the week before Christmas, and all through the park,
Not a creature is stirring, not even a lark…
Ok heck that’s not true, please don’t make me laugh,
Winter Wonderland’s hogging the bulk of the path!

Forget about chimneys, it’s too soon for stockings,
Conventional wisdom says we should be shopping.
Instead here we are feeling all cold and stark,
Awaiting the sounds that will light up this dark.

It was fun at the Vic when we picked up our suits,
There was fire and carpet and friends in cahoots.
It was warm and inviting with beer and good food,
A festive environment for positive mood!

But here in this cold it’s getting quite boring
If it doesn’t start soon we’ll be off home and snoring!
It’s always the same, what’s up with you mutts?
Come on you guys we’re freezing our butts!!!

Finally the sound we’ve been wanting to hear,
A music bike comes to the sound of a cheer.
The sound of worn bearings as they whizz too and fro,
The thump of a BassFreight at last on the go.

Now Roggie! Now Mozza! Now Saffy and Bry!
On Kaisa! On Cat! On Aquila and Joy!
To the Arch reindeer forward, onto the street,
Shake those cute backsides and wiggle those feet!

At last! That took ages! We’re now on the move
In all our red suits we can finally groove.
Reindeers in front, with a Firebrox sled
And portly St Rick-alaus right up ahead!

All down the street a merry cheer rises,
For four hundred Santas of all shapes and sizes.
There’s elfs, trees and ninjas and even … Jack Frost?
Yikes! That slick silver lycra will have mental cost!

Now that we’re moving time actually flies,
A little exertion puts warmth in our thighs.
Watch out! Keep your balance! Stay on top of your skates!
This street’s rather slippery so look out for your mates!

It’s halftime at last – boy it’s cold now we’re here
Ha! Spare a thought for the poor old reindeer!
They dress rather sheer to be looking so fine,
Hope they’ll keep warm with Douglet’s mulled wine!

A photo? Or two? Oh another? Oh alright,
But I’m freezing my backside so let’s not spend all night!
Hug me! Quick, kiss me! Then let’s all go za-zoom,
The Smithfield is waiting and I know they have room!

Inside the Tavern, let’s be warm and have beer!
I’m feeling my toes again now that we’re here.
“I can tell you, you guys, you have no idea
I’ve been waiting for this for the whole of the year!”

Shake your thing, move around, it’s time to get down,
LondonSantaSkate party’s the talk of the town!
We sing from the heart and we mean it sincere:
It’s a crime that this happens only once in a year!

LondonSantaSkate! LondonSantaSkate! Tell you what dude,
We’re tipsy and loud and don’t mean to be rude.
But shout four hundred Santa’s with all of our might,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

… And to quote a well known Xmas character: “Wicked, wicked, wicked! Ho! Ho! Hoooooo!”

LondonSantaSkate 2011 takes place on Saturday 17th December 2011, followed by an after party at the Smithfield Tavern. Full details are online at http://www.londonsantaskate.com, but we’ll repeat them here because we love you that much!

On Saturday 17th December:

  • 2pm-4pm – Collect your Santa Suit from The Victoria Public House on Strathearn Place, London, W2 2NH.
  • 4.45pm – Assemble at Hyde Park Corner, the usual Friday night starting spot (Winter Wonderland is blocking the Serpentine).
  • 5pm – Skate departs for a 2 hour jaunt around central London at Sunday Stroll pace. Four hundred Santas on skates do tend to turn heads!
  • 6pm – Half time is at the top of Trafalgar Square. Tell your non-skating friends to meet you here!
  • 7pm – Return to the Victoria Pub, have a drink, collect your stuff and head for the Smithfield Tavern.
  • 7.30pm till late - LondonSantaSkate after party at The Smithfield Tavern, 105 Charterhouse St, London, EC1M 6HW.

In the event of poor weather the LondonSantaSkate party will go ahead on Saturday night as planned, but the LondonSantaSkate will be rescheduled to Sunday 18th at 2pm. Watch Facebook, the LondonSkate website or the LFNS website for updates on the weather call on the afternoon of Saturday 17th.

LondonSantaSkate is the only skate of the year where we kindly ask for your £10 donation, of which £3 goes towards a Santa suit for you to wear on the night and £7 goes towards paying for web servers, radios,  marshal vests, music systems and all the things we use to run the skates year round. No money goes directly to pay people, we’re all volunteers and no profit is taken from donations received. Even if the skate rains off your donation will fund free street skating for the rest of the year, so it’s worth it.

Online tickets are available here, please buy yours now! – http://santaskate2011.qrickets.com/

Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/188745861205543/

LondonSkate and LFNS would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Get your ticket, come to LondonSantaSkate and help bring the skating season to its most festive conclusion ever. Then take a break … and bring on the ruckass that will be 2012 😉



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