LondonSantaSkate 2011 – 17th December 2011!

November 3, 2011

Plans are well underway for this years LondonSantaSkate which takes place on 17th December 2011!

LondonSantaSkate is a little different to all the other marshaled street skates in several ways. Firstly, it’s a costume skate, obviously.But secondly it is a ticketed event by donation, the only skate of the year where we kindly ask you for money to take part.

What does this mean?

All year round the LondonSkate and LFNS run skates on a volunteer basis. All of our events, including LondonSantaSkate, are free. Marshals and organizers donate their time entirely without recompense or payment of any form, other than a stonking good time and the adrenaline rush of occasionally riding a taxi bonnet.

However both organizations do incur costs in the execution of our skates. Last year for example LondonSkate and LFNS spent money on:

  • The BassBomb ‘Big Red’ and two of the new ASBOmbs – note that 10 or so additional ASBOmbs were paid for by their individual owners.
  • A pair of new interoperable audio transmitters, one for each skate, and several additional receivers.
  • New battery packs for the older music boxes and receivers.
  • Repairs on both the music bikes.
  • New radios for the LFNS & the relevant license for operating them.
  • New radio batteries for the LondonSkate.
  • Webserver hosting costs for both groups.
  • Webserver domain name registrations.
  • New marshal vests and inserts (which you should hopefully see on the skates before the end of the year).
  • Printing costs for flyers and cards.

After a year of free skating we kindly ask you to donate – and it is a donation – to participate in just one skate, that being LondonSantaSkate. Of the £10 you donate roughly £3 goes towards the cost of a Santa suit for you to wear on the skate. Everyone who gets at ticket gets the option of a suit. If you have your own suit already though the £3 it saves us is very much appreciated. The balance of your donation, usually £7, goes into the coffers of the LondonSkate, which are kindly shared with the LFNS and Sunday Stroll. This money defrays our joint expenses in running skates over the rest of the year. You are welcome to donate more than £10 for your ticket if you want to, a proportion of people each year do this and we thank you.

This year LondonSantaSkate tickets are only available online, via

LondonSantaSkate! It’s a stonking good time! Even if it snows off like last year the LondonSantaSkate Party will go ahead regardless of weather and what happens with the skate. Your donation will help pay for an entire YEAR of skating. If you skate regularly it’s worth it. Please buy a ticket and prepare to get excited!


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