Save Daylight, For the Queen!

March 23, 2011

Don’t forget the UK Daylight Savings change occurs this Saturday night 26th March! This week’s Sunday Stroll will start at 2pm like always, but on Sunday 2pm will be one hour earlier than last week!

So do your bit for Britain. For Queen. For Country. And for the sake of not having to sheepishly admit to friends you overslept by an hour because the clock was wrong and it was a big night and you can’t really remember much after that fourth or possibly fifth drink, the cat spilled food all over the kitchen floor and now it’s mashed into your socks and you really did mean to come to the Stroll but the whole enterprise just sort of fell over in a heap and now it’s 3pm instead of 2pm and anyway why can’t we all live in a nice warm place with no daylight savings like Queensland?


In any case: Save Daylight for The Old Queen! Be on correct time for this week’s Sunday Stroll at 2pm British SUMMER time!!

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