Sunday Stroll: Snail Stroll to Kings Road

2:00pm, 29th June 2014

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Kings Road
Length: 8 miles.
Lead marshal: Kev
Asbox Transmitter: Pending
Skate status: Completed

Photos: Sorry, we don't have any photos yet. If you do, please upload them to Flickr.

Movies: Sorry, we don't have any movies yet. If you do, upload them and let us know.

This Sunday we’ll snail our way to Kings Road near Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and back.

This snail stroll is for you if you’ve never attempted a street skate and need a gentle introduction. Please remember that you need to be able to stop, turn and control your speed on gentle slopes. Basically, using other objects or beings to stop is neither cool nor favourable.

If a regular, you may notice a few regular faces missing and that’s because most left London for some weekend round and round and round “24 hour Lemons” – Le Mans 24 hours skating fun. We wish them well.


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