Sunday Stroll: The Sunday After Le Mans!

2:00pm, 5th July 2015

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Maida Hill Market
Length: 8.5 miles.
Lead marshal: Carl
Asbox Transmitter: Pending
Skate status: Completed

Photos: Sorry, we don't have any photos yet. If you do, please upload them to Flickr.

Movies: Sorry, we don't have any movies yet. If you do, upload them and let us know.

Still feeling the skating blues after Le Mans? Well it is time to get your skates back on and join us for the Stroll! We are doing a revised version of the Walk Along the Canals. The odd thing about planning routes in London is that road surface quality changes quickly, so although we are heading towards the canals we won’t actually skate along them much, because,…well…..the road surfaces are just that bad.

Bring your skates out, share your Le Mans stories, spread the word and get your friends to join in!

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