Sunday Stroll: Touristy run

2:00pm, 22nd July 2012

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Russell Square-Brunswick
Length: 7.5 miles.
Lead marshal: Ben
Asbox Transmitter: Pending
Skate status: GO!

Olympics is here! and with all the fanfare and excitement. Before the traffics and roads descent into chaos in central London in the next few weeks, we will take the Stroll to touristy hotspots around town – Regents Street, Piccadilly Circus, West End, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace. Half time will be at the Brunswick Centre near Russell Square. Weather forecast is looking good for Sunday, so no excuse not to be out! See you all there!

2 thoughts on “Touristy run

  1. Saw this, this afternoon on Regent Street, looked awesome.
    Newbie looking to get into this, but noticed that almost everyone was wearing inlines. Are quads not suitable for this event? Going to buy a new pair of skates, so not sure whether it should be quads or inlines.

    • Inlines are easier to handle on London roads, but as you saw, people that have enough quad skating experience cope just fine with quads. We’d suggest inlines are the best option for newbies though. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

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