Sunday Stroll is back this Sunday!

January 7, 2011

Quicker than you can say “well that was a heck of a snowy cold Xmas and New Year” it’s January again. We hope you all had a good break!

The first LFNS of the year won’t be until next week, Friday 14th January 2011. Which is probably a good thing given the weather forecast for this evening. But you don’t have to wait that long for a skating fix, because the first Sunday Stroll is this Sunday, 9th of January 2010. Yes folks, in a slightly manical Jack Nicholson sort of way, We’re Baaaa-ack!

But wait! There’s more…

For a number of weeks the BBC have been working with LFNS and LondonSkate to try and film a large skate for a documentary program they’re making this year. The show is about mega-cities, about how people cope with them and also how they embrace and enjoy them. That last bit is where the skate comes in. It’s a major project which will be shown on BBC One and amounts to a great chance to show the positive aspects of street skating in London.

The film crew had hoped to be out for LondonSantaSkate, but the weather gods did stomp rather heavily on that plan. Now the hope is to film this Sunday, January 9th when the weather forecast is, for a change, actually not too bad.

Do skating in London a favour therefore? Given it’s the first Stroll of the year, given nobody got to skate for ages and given it’s a little bit of a special occasion … dress wicked and come out on Sunday? All you’ve got to do is have a blast and look like it. And we promise to love you even more!!

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