Sunday Stroll on BBC One – Thursday!

May 30, 2011

Ooo! Ooo! The Sunday Stroll is gonna be on TV! In High Def! On BBC One!

Remember back in January the Sunday Stroll facilitated a documentary film crew riding in a pair of pedi-cabs? Well they were taking footage for a TV series entitled Andrew Marr’s Megacities. This week the producers of Megacities have been in touch to let us know the Sunday Stroll made the final cut of episode one! We’ve got a 2 minute segment near the end of the show. The producers seem to be quite excited about how it turned out and assure us it looks really good. We hope they’re right!

So cross your fingers with us, find a friend with a Freeview HD TV, set the TiVo, or get your iPlayer on. If you were with us last January your 15 seconds of fame is about to come up!

Episode one of Megacities goes to air this coming Thursday 2nd of June at 8pm on BBC One, linky link below!

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