That day we do so fear, is once again drawing near!

September 15, 2011

It’s time! Tiiiiiime! Time once again, fools! Have you enjoyed your summer? Your saccarine time of warmth and light? Awww. How nice…

Well it’s over! Gone! Ha haaa! Over and gone! Daylight is fleeting, fools. Have ye not learned by now? Night cometh. Night! The shortening of days, the blood-cold freeze of winter. No more lovers lazing in the sun. No more picnics and easy days. Look forward fools. What do you see? What does your future hold? Toward what malign and singular event do the currents of time inevitably sweep you? Hmmmm? Hah ha haaaa! What event? Hmmm?

Santa Skate?


No! Not Santa Skate! Since when is Santa Skate ‘malign’? Pah! Before that, fools! Halloween Skate! We’re talking about Halloween!

For once again it cometh. Mark the date! HALLOWEEN SKATE 2011 shall burst forth like the stench of 10-day old roadkill punctured by a small boy with a stick upon Saturday 29th of October 2011. Gather 5.30pm near the bandstand on Serpentine Road, Hyde Park. Rain down upon the streets of London with music and wailing, then swarm upon the Smithfield Tavern and dance zombie-like until 2am to the ghastly tunes of skater DJs.

Think black thoughts. Wear black tights. Dress sharp enough to kill. Let there be blood, and for once this year can we please just do it right? Stop having FUN. This is Halloween, darn it. Evil has a reputation to maintain. Time of mayhem and mischief? Quit having such a good time every year we do this and BE WICKED! The only bit you got right last year was debauchery. Shape up! And be on time, evil has a schedule to keep!

Mwwwaaahaa ahahaha ahahahahahahahahaahaaa! Haaa hha haahhhhhaaaa hahaaa!!!!!

One thought on “That day we do so fear, is once again drawing near!

  1. Hi,
    I was on Trafalgare Square on Saturday night and enjoyed a lot your skating event.
    It was really great!
    Congratulations to you all!

    Any Photos or videos of that event? Where can I see them?


    Joao MP.

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