LFNS: The lucky eskate

8:00pm, Friday 13th April 2012

Starting at: Wellington Arch
Half time at: Harrow Road
Length: 10 miles.
Lead marshal: Antonio
Asbox Transmitter: No
Skate status: Rained Off

Are you lucky enough to be around for our Friday the 13th skate?

Are you lucky enough to miss the skater escape to Paris this weekend?

Are you lucky enough to be Spanish, so Friday 13th means nothing to you*?

Whichever bit of luck you are lucky enough to skate in, we have a 10 mile route with lots of smooth roads and one asbox, so come out for our lucky skate-escape of London and stay close to the front if you want to hear the music!

* Tuesday the 13th is considered bad luck in Spain. Friday 13th is just another day in the calendar.

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