The Naked Figures

May 3, 2011

This is a little article about the history of the LFNS Facebook page, which might also be known as the story of what a lot of naughty people like. Why? Read on!

Most people see Facebook as a bit of a double edged sword. Yes it’s giving us something very useful and utilitarian, but we kind of hate how it owns us. You’re aware, we hope, that Facebook gathers statistics about you. All of that data is visible to Facebook, but some is made visible to the administrators of Facebook pages, like us here at the LFNS. We don’t get to see much, just accumulated statistics specific to our page. Concerning our fans we see your distribution by age, gender and location, but nothing personal is visible. Concerning our page, we see number of likes & unlikes, number of photos and videos consumed and, most interestingly for the purposes of this article, the number of hits per day our Facebook page receives.

So here’s a pretty graph captured from Facebook. It’s the graph of hits-per-day on the LFNS Facebook page since it was established. We thought it might be fun to explore this graph a little and in particular to examine some of the spikes that are visible there. Let’s start at the left and move toward the right – forward through time.

(If you’re reading this in WoW, the graph is here:

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LFNS Facebook Page Views By Date

London Friday Night Skate established its Facebook page in early April 2010. LFNS already had a Facebook group, so when on Wednesday 7th April 2010 we announced to the existing Facebook group and in Week On Wheels the creation of our new Facebook page there was a predictable spike of interest which is the peak at far left of the graph. Logical.

Moving rightwards the next major spike occurred on Friday April 30th 2010. That spike corresponded to this:

This was the day an email asking for “birthday donations” to support the LFNS was received by many of our fans. Then, as now, the LFNS does not seek donations via PayPal and anybody who does is not us (and you should remember that). Our rebuttal and warnings about the dubious nature of that email resulted in a spike of Facebook page views, likes and comments. Which shows that when it comes to making something interesting a bit of scandal goes a long way.

The next minor spike occured on May 30th 2010 and near as we can tell this correlates with the publication of photos from the LFNS Eurovision Skate, which was followed by an after party:

It’s happening again this year by the way, the LFNS Eurovision Skate 2011 is scheduled for Friday May 13th (next week!). There will also be a party at the Smithfield Tavern on Saturday May 14th to watch the Eurovision telecast.

The next rather bigger spike in page views took place on September 11th 2010. But as to why … we really don’t know! Nothing much special seems to have happened on September 11th. It was a Saturday, we didn’t publish any news or photos that day, it’s really a bit of a mystery! It corresponded with a spike in new “likes” – 29 new fans liked our page that day, but we’re not sure why. Do you know why?

Not surprisingly between November 2010 and March 2011 there aren’t many spikes and page views were generally down. It was winter, weather was bad, skating was in hibernation. Even LondonSantaSkate got snowed off. Things didn’t pick up again until March, when the weather turned nice and we started to acquire lots of new fans.

Then the biggest spike so far – it’s that one towards the right – came on March 29th 2011. It’s more than double the peak achieved on the mysterious September 11. What happened that day? Two things. The *second* thing was publication of this:

Which is pretty cool. March 29th was the day we got our 1000th page like. Neat, a bit of a milestone, but it’s not the whole story. The *first* thing we published on March 29th, was this:

That’s right, the Naked Skate did it. Our April Fools day Naked Skate announcement caused the biggest spike in page views thus far in the history of the LFNS Facebook page. Well, well, well then. It’s nice to know what gets you all interested, you naughty, naughty people!

Since March 29th a run of good weather, a lot of new fans and the regular posting of Stroll and LFNS photos has resulted in a series of spikes and a general rise in activity which is likely to continue through the summer … or until the next Naked Skate announcement.

So there you go. Was this article interesting for you? You can always give feedback on our Facebook page 😉

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