Sunday Stroll: The snail’s awfully big adventure

2:00pm, 26th February 2012

Starting at: East end of Serpentine Road
Half time at: Battersea Park
Length: 7 miles.
Lead marshal: Alan
Asbox Transmitter: Yes
Skate status: GO!
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This week is the monthly Snail stroll (slower to encourage new street skaters) and we are going in search of the elusive Batter Sea! Even daring to go to darkest south London in our quest. We have heard that an inlet of the sea laps the shore near the cafe in Battersea Park and so that is where we are heading. If we don’t find the sea, it will be a great halftime stop.

6 thoughts on “The snail’s awfully big adventure

  1. I have not skated since 1992 although prior to that had skated for 12 years, but always indoors in a steet hockey team and at the Felbridge hotel in East Grinstead. After coming across your site and watching the videos it inspired me, as they say in the rollerblade videos to ‘ Use your skates” I dusted off my bauer turbos and decided to have a go at your Sunday Stroll. After 10 mins practice in Hyde Park and never having skated in the street I joined the skate to Battersea.

    I was very impressed by the organisation of the volunteers (marshalls) . I had a very enjoyable time and wanted to thank all those who are invovled . I managed to survive, just about , it’s much like riding a bike , you never really forget. However using traditional skates seems to be difficult on some of the road surfaces as they vibrate a lot and I lost a brake , I think through the vibration, which was a bit of a surprise when I went to use it . I think it is somewhere near Pimlico. I also suffered a bit of cramp towards the end. Anyway all that aside , I had a great day and may even buy some of those rollerblades, so I can handle the streets a bit better. After 2 days I still ache , so will have to get a bit fitter before trying again.



  2. Hi i want to make this my first skate, how long before the start of the skate do most people start to turn up? oh and how long before the event do the pending bits above (transmitter /skate status) usually get decided?

    • Hi Victor,

      The weather call will be made by about 12pm Sunday afternoon, sometimes earlier if the weather is obviously good (or bad) in advance. It will be posted above and on the front page of the website.


    • Richard’s right about the weather call, but it could be as early as 11am on Sunday. As for when people turn up, it’s usually about 15 mins before the start time; although many turn up later than that. Serpentine Road (the start point) is also one of the main skating areas in the park, so even if you are early there will be many other skaters doing slalom, skating up and down or generally socializing.

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