The Santa Skate Teaser

November 3, 2010

Picture the scene
Before a great screen
Room fades to black, we all sit in rows
Quite what comes next, none of us knows

And then …

Bright lights zoom by, Big Ben glows on high
Moon’s slender limb, flash of red and white trim
Laughter is heard, squeals of delight
The “ahhh!” of onlookers surprised in the night

Orange frames gleam
Wheels pass in a stream
Cuffs of red trousers, all edged in white
Adorn all the boots gliding by on this night

A slow motion crowd watch a slow motion dash
Delighted their cameras burst, strobe and flash
It brings to their lips a whoop of good cheer
They gawp at the vision of skating reindeer

This night may be cold but its colors are warm
In the deep of the winter unique is the form
Of four hundred Santas jiving on skates
Just having fun with a few of their mates

Quick change of scene
Sign framed in green
“Elf and safety” it reads
And a fine laugh it breeds

New scene again – red people at play
They dance and cavort, at end of this day
The party is loud and the music upbeat
Merry are they who skate on the street!

Times might be tight,
But without doubt this night
There’s room for good cheer
At this one skate a year!

We watch in the dark
Thinking what a great lark
As the screen fades to black
No one sits back

Instead words appear … and we read:

“SANTA SKATE 2010 – Coming soon, to a Hyde Park near YOU!”

And we the audience cheer!

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