THREE SLEEPS TILL LondonSantaSkate!!

December 14, 2011

Roll up, roll up, get your tickets and roll on, the biggest, fabbest, festivest end of the skating year is almost here! Four hundred Santas on skates will take the streets of London THIS SATURDAY 17th of December 2011, from Hyde Park Corner.

Not enough good news? Well here’s some more: this Saturday will see the long awaited and much anticipated return of BOTH the LondonSkate BassFreight AND the LFNS Firebrox music bikes. Not one but TWO bass-heavy music-blaring battle-blasters, arranged in perfect formation with the Thumpers and a constellation of ASBOxes and ASBOmbs larger than have ever been assembled in a single skate before. Were you hoping to hear the herald angels sing this Saturday? Sorry about that, you might have trouble making them out as we NOISE IT UP!

Best of all the weather forecast a few days out is looking NOT PARTICULARLY DISASTROUS. Yes folks, keep your fingers quietly crossed and this year … this year … Mmmmm hmmmm yeaaahh!!

LondonSantaSkate is the only ticketed skate of the year. Get your tickets online at the link below, all money gathered from tickets is put aside to pay for aspects of the skates like the bikes, the radios and brand spanking new marshals vests. No money pays people – everyone who runs the skates does so voluntarily.

The schedule once again:

  • 2pm-4pm – Collect your Santa Suit from The Victoria Public House on Strathearn Place, London, W2 2NH.
  • 4.45pm – Assemble at Hyde Park Corner, the usual Friday night starting spot (Winter Wonderland is blocking the Serpentine).
  • 5pm – Skate departs for a 2 hour jaunt around central London at Sunday Stroll pace. Four hundred Santas on skates do tend to turn heads!
  • 6pm – Half time is at the top of Trafalgar Square. Tell your non-skating friends to meet you here!
  • 7pm – Return to the Victoria Pub, have a drink, collect your stuff and head for the Smithfield Tavern.
  • 7.30pm till late – LondonSantaSkate after party at The Smithfield Tavern, 105 Charterhouse St, London, EC1M 6HW.

In the event of poor weather the LondonSantaSkate party will go ahead on Saturday night as planned, but the LondonSantaSkate will be rescheduled to Sunday 18th at 2pm. Watch Facebook, the LondonSkate website or the LFNS website for updates on the weather call on the afternoon of Saturday 17th.

Online tickets are available here, please buy yours now! –

Facebook event here:

LondonSkate and LFNS would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Get your ticket, come to LondonSantaSkate and help bring the skating season to its most festive conclusion ever. See you there!

Wicked, wicked, wicked, HO, HO, HO, HO, HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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