Working your way up to the Sunday Stroll?

May 10, 2010

This week WoW Central thought to mention a couple of free social practice options available to new skaters still working their way up to the Sunday Stroll. These two groups provide an opportunity to practice and meet other people at beginner level in a less demanding environment than the open streets of London.

The EASY SATURDAY SKATE runs every Saturday morning at 10.30am in Battersea Park. There are typically 10 or 15 people who do two laps inside the park. There are no kerbs, no cars, no hills and you can drop out  any time and have a coffee.

More information can be found here:

And on Facebook, here:

The LONDON ROLLERBLADING AND ICE SKATING GROUP is organized through and schedules regular meetups for both ice skating and inline skating in Hyde Park. The Hyde Park skates are typically on Sunday and have 10 or so participants, some of whom go on to do the Sunday Stroll afterward.


Both groups are totally free for participants and provide a great opportunity to share tips, tricks and good humored fun!

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